Do you frequently feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed?

If you do, you might be relieved to know that most people feel the same way. We here at
Dynamic Family Care believe in empowering our clients. With our highly trained Certified Staff and through our Court Approved Anger Management Services, Parenting Education Services, Domestic Violence Classes, and Behavior Intervention Services we hope to provide the tools necessary to succeed.

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We want to help our clients navigate through an ever-changing complex world.

Controlling one’s emotions by avoiding destructive behavior is a critical component of personal success. That’s why we believe that the better prepared our clients are, the simpler the journey through life’s intricate maze will be. It is our mission to be your guide and help you take full control of the direction you want your life to go.


Dynamic Family Care’s Anger Management Program intends to help adults and adolescents better manage their anger.

These skills can successfully be applied in the workplace, in personal relationships, and in the home setting. We view anger to be a legitimate feeling. All feelings are natural, normal, and healthy as long as they don’t translate into destructive behavior. Most of the time, an angry feeling is a reaction to a frustrating situation, and needs to be expressed rather than demonstrated.

Our program here at Dynamic Family Care is based on The Century Anger Management model, a recognized global leader in the field of Anger Management training and certification. The Century Anger Management model of intervention is used and accepted in courts, probation departments, hospitals, mental health facilities, substance abuse facilities, major corporations, governmental agencies and private practices.  We here at Dynamic Family Care strive to be culturally sensitive to better serve an ever-growing diverse population. We believe in helping all of our clients regain control of their emotions and the actions that follow.


Dynamic Family Care’s Parenting Education program intends to equip all parents with the tools necessary to succeed in one of the most strenuous and complex jobs.


Parenting is in many ways a full time job that requires commitment, competence, and a willingness to grow. Many times as parents we wonder why we’re not able to achieve our definition of success. We often tend to repeat and reuse our strategies with the hope that the results will somehow change in a more favorable way. Unfortunately, life does not always reward our efforts with instant success and satisfaction.

Our program here at Dynamic Family Care is based on the Breakthrough Parenting model. As a leading program used both nationally and internationally, it is used and accepted in courts, probation departments, schools, educational facilities, substance abuse facilities, and private practices.


We here at Dynamic Family Care cater our program to each individual client. We fully understand that each parent’s unique experiences, standards, and values must be taken into account. We respect and believe that every parent’s feedback is necessary to ensure a functional and successful experience.


Dynamic Family Care’s Behavior Intervention program intends to help clients achieve success when dealing with their child’s problematic, destructive, or reckless behaviors.


Our highly adaptive program has been used with many children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We have also helped troubled teens deal with dangerous patterns of behavior by targeting their interests, expectations, and their habitual patterns. It is essential to provide strong mentorship and guidance for children of all ages and with all different levels of cognitive development.

Our program here at Dynamic Family Care is based on many different behavior modification principles. Our Behavior Intervention program utilizes many Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) fundamentals while remaining sensitive to each client’s unique set of personality characteristics.


Applied Behavior Analysis is rapidly emerging as one of the most prominent empirically backed and evidence based approaches to counteracting problem behaviors. We believe in utilizing the principles of multiple behavior intervention approaches, such as ABA, to effectively modify our client’s problem behaviors. We want nothing more than to see our clients enjoying the fruits of life with their families while learning to manage the problems that come their way.


Domestic violence (DV), also known as “IntimatePartner Violence”, can happen to anyone regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Domestic violence (DV) is one of the leading causes of death and injury among U.S. women.  Bringing an end to DV can help improve the quality of existing relationships and also work toward improving overall family life. A 2005 Michigan study found that children exposed to  domestic violence at home showed greater symptoms of trauma. These symptoms included becoming sick more often, complaining frequently of headaches or stomachaches, and being more tired and lethargic.

We here at Dynamic Family Care understand how traumatic DV experiences can be. Our program offers a holistic approach. We help our clients look into the entire family’s interactions and relationships in order to identify the sources and the roots of violence. Dynamic Family Care provides training in gaining awareness of the signs, detecting the patterns, and developing the skills to break the chain of violence before it happens.